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Re: Weight loss; Last day - goals achieved

Posted: Sun Sep 08, 2019 8:13 am
by silmcoach
Well, last day of my 12-week diet. Pleased to say I have achieved my goals. Lost over the 7lb target weight-loss and a couple of inches off the waist. I haven't achieved muscle definition around the midriff though, due to loose skin. Because of my back problem I cannot do the exercises that strengthen the core muscles, will have to be patient with that, but determined to achieve that goal in the long-term.

I have to hold my hand up, I have been a bit lax over the last week/10 days, and due to the back problem not strictly followed the diet, so that tummy has started to reappear slightly. That's all down to biscuits! So I know I have to make a decision, stick to (not diet anymore) my eating regime or I'll be back where I started. I also know it's the alcohol with eating that let's my discipline down. I can have a taste, but that's it. As that's less than a bottle a week I will strictly buy only the small 175ml bottle that will last 2/3 evenings over the weekend (see how - "Reduce alcohol intake"), no cheese and savoury biscuits, and definitely no sweet/chocolate biscuits (unless I can manage to discipline myself to eat only 1/2 occasionally - but it's easier to just not buy them).

So, all's good. Pleased I went on the diet, and intend to stick to: Weekly - 5 days eat/2 days fast >800kcal; and daily - 8 hour eating window/16 hours no food, which really isn't that much of a struggle. Think it will be a life-long thing. Will post every now and again to keep a check on myself. Cheers for now (toasted with my morning cuppa).

Re: Weight loss; update

Posted: Sat Oct 12, 2019 9:31 am
by silmcoach
It's been a month since I finished the diet. I have maintained the weight loss (1 stone) but find myself sticking to the regime, apart from not really having fasting days.

Just had a weeks holiday and let myself go a bit on the biscuit side, but stuck to the 8 hour eating window. Weight loss maintained, despite lack of exercise, lazing in the sun.

The best thing is the loss of those inches off the waist, feel so much so much better about myself.

Re: Weight loss; maintained

Posted: Fri Nov 08, 2019 10:52 am
by silmcoach
Nearly another month and the weight loss has been maintained (from 10 to 9 stone). I am no longer rigidly fasting two days as week, just eating a little less on a couple of days.

I have also let the sweet things back in to my life, in a controlled way, for the other days. However, I know there is a chance of binging on a whole packet of biscuits, but I think just knowing that is enough for me to make a conscious effort not to binge.

I did catch a nasty virus as usual (on flights to and from Spain), and that threw me health wise a bit, particularly as I do not exercise or cycle when I have a virus (a lesson learnt the hard way). But I seemed to shake that off quite well by eating plenty. I believe the old adage, "starve a fever, feed a cold". Now fully fit and looking forward to getting out on the bike again. Mood positive, motivation good, getting some long outstanding building jobs finished.