Coronavirus outbreak; Resilience

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Coronavirus outbreak; Resilience

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At this difficult time our personal resilience will be tested. Here are some pointers on how to get the best out of yourself applying SILM®. Think of the SILM® modes as different mental gears that you can shift into, like changing gear in a car.


Use the Spatial mode to visualize your place in the World through time. Right now, it can help to look to the future, with the aim of survival beyond the Covid-19 pandemic.
Think about the things you value most and your purpose in life to help keep you focused. For the majority of patients Covid-19 is a relatively mild disease with a mortality rate of 1 – 2 %. It is therefore realistic to visualize yourself in the future when the pandemic has past and the economy recovered. Imagine pursuing your aims and goals in line with your core values, achieving your ideas of success and fulfillment with well-being.


The Intuitive mode draws on your imagination and creativity. A pandemic like the Covid-19 outbreak can naturally cause us to imagine the worst. But whatever the future, except in the worst-case scenario, it isn’t going to happen right now. So, there’s no need for panic, or the fight or flight response to kick in. Instead, allow your mind to wander and recall times in the past when you have overcome difficulties or self-doubt. Such memories can have a dramatic positive impact on how you feel about yourself now. Re-affirming positive qualities in yourself that have seen you through difficult times in the past will give a boost to your motivation and determination to overcome current adversity.


The Logic mode is about reason and planning. As much as the events unfolding are outside of our control it is important to maintain a sense of control, both personal, in how we respond to others and what’s happening in the World. Having brainstormed your positive qualities and past successes you will be prepared to apply reason in dealing with events as they unfold. Managing oneself to develop a give and take approach in dealing with others can be rehearsed mentally to pre-empt likely scenarios and, although you may not be able to control events, you can control your response to them. Creative solutions that come to mind can then be planned and enacted effectively.


The material mode involves your physical body and behaviour in the World. Emotions let us know things are going. Anxiety can be a warning from the unconscious that something needs your attention. Shift mental gear to figure out what the concern might be. Clearly defining it (logic) will prompt creativity (intuitive) to come up with a solution and the material mode will enable you to enact the right solution.

As we grow, we develop skills that become hard-wired. Those that have served you well in the past can be trusted and adapted to cope with current hurdles. The intuitive mode will suggest how, perhaps a flash of insight, just let it do its magic.

Being flexible and shifting mental gear as and when necessary will help to see you through this difficult time. Gradually, purposely changing mental gear will become second nature with little conscious effort.

A good way to think about life is as a series of chapters, rather than one continuous experience. The covid-19 chapter will pass.
Greatest wealth - happy heart, peace of mind :D

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