Facebook; SILM® unauthorised site

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Facebook; SILM® unauthorised site

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Sincere apologies. Facebook created an unauthorised page for SILM® Ltd with incorrect business name and contact details.

I had to open a personal Facebook account in order to "claim" the unauthorised site and correct the errors. That meant giving my personal details, phone number and photo ecetera, which I really didn't want to do. But having been forced to do that, I still could not claim the company site, even after satisfying their demands for a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation and copies of electricity and telephone bills in the company name.

So I have given up, closed my personal Facebook account and asserted my right to be forgotten, that is erasure of all personal data, under the General Data Protection Regulation as I do not want Facebook to hold my personal data nor trust them with it. Whether they will delete the unauthorised site or correct the false contact details I don't know. The irony is, I will just have to trust that they will comply with the Data Protection Act.

Personally, I agree with Professor Ben Edelman of Harvard Business School on Questions of Privacy. But of even more concern are the permissions users have to grant Facebook in order to access the platform. Readers are advised to review Facebook's terms and conditions carefully before accessing the platform. Having read them myself there is no way I would accept their terms and conditions, or run the risk of accessing the Facebook platform.

The bottom line is that Facebook sell your personal data to advertisers so they can cost effectively focus their marketing specifically to your needs and interests. It doesn't matter how much they dress it up as this wonderfully benevolent organization giving so much to the world, (as with the blood donor scheme in India, for which you must join Facebook to access) their sole interest is to keep you hooked and profit from your personal data.

Can you imagine a car manufacturer claiming they were providing a wonderful public service by giving people the freedom to go wherever they want, whenever they want? They're in it for the money and they design and advertise their cars to be more desirable than competitors models. Just because Facebook appear to offer a free service, doesn't mean it is. The price users pay is far more than the price of a car, they give their selves away to thousands of commercial organizations forever. One day their younger self may come back to haunt them.
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