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Narcissists: "Charming", yet destructive

Posted: Fri Nov 01, 2019 11:41 am
by silmcoach
Dr Kostas Papageorgiou, from Queen's University Belfast, describes narcissists as often socially successful and undeterred by rejection. They may be “charming" and highly motivated, but they can also be "absolutely destructive for those around them".

Research suggests that although inclined to attention seeking, they are likely to be successful. Their sense of superiority and heightened sense of self-worth gives them a "mental toughness" not to give up. With a tendency to be self-centred, vain and grandiose, they need the admiration of others. "If you are a narcissist you believe strongly that you are better than anyone else and that you deserve reward," says the psychologist.

Dr Papageorgiou and his fellow researchers report that the participants in their study of 300 young people identified as narcissists in secondary school in Italy, displayed traits such as egotism and the need to dominate, along with high levels of resilience and determination.

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