Stress - top 10 techniques for managing

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Stress - top 10 techniques for managing

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Summary of managing stress; Top 10 techniques

1. Make a precise list of things that you feel are pressurizing you.
2. Develop strategies for dealing with them.
3. Ignore or adapt to stressors outside of your control.
4. Explain to others why you are taking certain actions and how it will help them.
5. Act rather than react.
6. Ultimately we cause our own stress so getting to know yourself will help you understand how you respond to your environment and to manage your stress.
7. Develop concentration, awareness and mindfulness.
8. Focus on the task in hand leaving emotions behind, a running commentary can help.
9. Take time out to relax mind and body.
10. Make time for others and to just be yourself.

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Reference: Fontana, D (1989)

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