The Brain and Leadership

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The Brain and Leadership

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Reported on the BBC Business News Website; Dr Kevin Money outlines the aims of collaborative research into how leaders from different sectors make decisions. He questions the shift from making good to bad decisions; what goes on in people's minds and how do they make those choices?

The brain of a successful leader is scanned whilst undertaking decision-making tasks. Aggregating results over time it is hoped some lessons may be learnt. However, Dr. Money acknowledges it is not possible to draw many conclusions from a single case study. However, "Leaders are born not bred" is a well worn phrase reflected in a great deal of leadership research and theorising over the years.

Rory Cellan-Jones, the BBC’s Technology Correspondent, notes that psychometric testing has been used by many organizations to help select candidates for senior positions and to learn about those qualities that make a good leader. He asks whether professionals in the recruitment industry, who already use psychometrics, might consider brain scanning. One who selects leaders describes the process as an art. She does not believe that a machine can replace their knowledge and expertise as to “What looks good.”

However, Zull (2002) argues that a knowledge of brain functioning can facilitate learning and teaching. Waring (2008) also suggests that a knowledge of brain functioning can facilitate the coaching process.
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