Which PC, iPad, mobile? It's the experience that counts

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Which PC, iPad, mobile? It's the experience that counts

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James McQuivey of Forrester Research is author of the soon to be published book 'Digital Disruption'.

He argues that the technology world is run by five companies that he calls digital platforms - Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft.

He explains why these companies are so dominant, "A platform world teaches us this truth: it's not the device that matters, it's not even the connected device that matters. It's the connected experience that matters."
BBC News 22 November 2012

Emily Maitlis interviews people who use Facebook, they say it is addictive, it's like a second life, and to not be on it is to be socially excluded. Zuckerberg explains that they don't want users to spend more time on Facebook, they want the time that users spend on Facebook to be so valuable that they want to keep coming back every day.
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