The Apprentice 2017 - Personalities

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The Apprentice 2017 - Personalities

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The Final Five- what do they have in common?

Michaela Wain

Michaela's determination to succeed is said to stem from a modest background. She acknowledges that they were poor, they "really didn't have much". Michaela herself admits that as a child she was “erring on the side of a little shit, a complete tomboy, didn’t wear a dress until 18, played on the boys’ football team, always grounded, nothing serious, but had my issues."

She grew up with five brothers. One tells us that In her early twenties Michaela had a lot of health problems and that she had lost a couple of babies. Her mother (who was divorced quite young) explains that Michaela was told she could never have children. But Michaela could not accept that, researched treatment, and eventually gave birth to a son. Wanting more for her son she decided with her brother to set up a business of their own. Although they have a turnover in excess of £3M Michaela applied to 'The Apprentice' because she "just wants more." Her motivation is her son, Harrison. She can’t fail, there’s no way she’s going back to the life she had.

Sara Lynn

Sarah was a very high achiever as a child, always doing more than was asked of her. When she was five or six her parents split up. Her father says from that day she became sort of quasi peacemaker. She became quite diplomatic, and he believes if you can manage that situation then you can manage any situation that business throws at you. Sarah set her sights on starting her own business early on. Her father had started up his business when she was about seven. From as early as eight years old Sarah jumped in at every opportunity, undertaking multiple tasks. She was hard-working and creative, even coming up with the name and logo for her father’s business when he started.

After University her role in a TV company included sourcing corporate gifts. Other than the usual nice chocolates there was nothing much out there that was special in the confectionery line. She decided to start her own business to bring sweets up into the premium gifting format, ’Sweets in the City’ supplies retailers. Her family is a huge drive and inspiration for her because she wants her son Thomas to be proud of her. She wants her son to look at her and think mummy has achieved that.

Elizabeth McKenna

Elizabeth is a strong personality that tends to rub people up the wrong way. Always wanting to take control, it’s her way or no way. Born in Australia she lived with her mother and father, and younger brother. Her mother explains that Elizabeth had a very difficult childhood because her father was a very difficult man. Elizabeth says that she had one of the most difficult childhoods you can imagine. When her parents separated they had to get away and moved to England, but that brought its own difficulties. She was six feet tall at eleven years of age, and talking differently she found it difficult to fit in. Her mother told her that she didn’t need to be popular to be successful.

When Elizabeth left school she took a florist course and then started her own florist business from nothing. She now has three successful branches.

Joanna Jarjue

Described as opinionated, resilient, sassy, and at 23, the youngest candidate in the contest. The question, was whether she was mature enough to see the contest through. It became clear early on that her lack of experience was not going to hold her back at all.

Born in The Gambia, Joanna was five when she moved to the UK with her mum. It was difficult for her, but she worked hard at school achieving 11 GCSEs and three A-Levels. She worked every Saturday in a boutique shop and was taken along with the owners to buy stock. Her mother says that she never brought home any money; she always came back with clothes or shoes. Joanna studied politics at university and then joined the graduate program of a digital marketing firm. Her talent recognized, she was soon elevated to take on a full executive role.

Her mother says that Joanna’s ambition is because she has seen how they struggled, and that made her think that she wants to make some money, She thinks, I want to do this for myself, and I want to succeed. Joanna says that making her family proud is always in the back of her mind. She says that her mum has always sacrificed certain stuff for her, and she thinks that’s one of the reasons that she’s ballsy and going for things. It’s a slap in the face [for her mother] is she doesn’t make the most of it.

James White

James was earning £100K a year at the age of 23. He is self-assured, described as the perfect candidate. A super salesman, he’s young, ambitious, and good at what he does. The question is, is he as talented as he is confident?

From the age of ten James’s entrepreneurial ways became apparent. His father tells us that he [James] started a car wash business, sold stuff at school, and did three paper rounds.

When James was born the family lived in a caravan park. Just a few years earlier his family’s fortunes had been very different. His father was a successful business man who lived in a nine bedroom house. But as fur coats went out of fashion he lost everything, including his first marriage. He then took a job and never went back into business.

Determined to make it to the top James studied International Business at university. Friends from those days say that by the third year of university he just became obsessed about making it, wanting to make money. After leaving university he got a job in recruitment and quickly rose through the ranks. In 2016 James set up his own recruitment firm.

James says that he has a lot of love for his dad, and he wants to be successful to give him back the life that he once knew. James wants him to be really proud of him.

Entrepreneur's Wound

Reading about the background of these budding entrepreneurs I am reminded of the concept Entrepreneur's Wound

Do we control our lives by making rational conscious decisions, or are we mostly driven by unconscious drives? Read about these two systems, one conscious and slow, the other, fast and unconscious.

Freud popularized the concept of psychic determinism whereby unconscious drives are the main influence in our lives.
Greatest wealth - happy heart, peace of mind :D

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